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Trans teens are twice as likely to become homeless, succumb to drug abuse, or attempt suicide. That’s why we created Transmission.

Transmission is a social media app for teens 12-17 that allows fluid, expressive on-boarding, peer-to-peer communication, access to trans-confident medical resources, and an aspirational media stream curated by trans celebrities and leaders.


Brian Jackson
Branding, UX, Visual Design

Kelly Rozich
Branding, UX, Visual Design



Working globally and locally, information was gathered regarding current smart phone trends among teens, the ages of self-identification and gendering, and the brand landscape of resource and connection applications geared towards Transmission’s target group.


Connecting with local members of the trans community helped develop an empathy map for target users. Solidifying the needs of Transmission’s users informed the three-tiered system of the app: peer connection, access to aspirational media, and a location-based search for health resources.

Whiteboard Session

Paper Prototypes

User Testing

After rendering iterations of paper prototypes, wireframes were digitally created and presented to potential users.

Users were tested on the onboarding process, as well as two different task flows: accessing other Transmission users, and finding a medical professional.

Task flows and copy usage were changed to correspond with user feedback.

Look & Feel


Keeping the target demographic in mind, Transmission was branded to feel youthful, approachable and exciting.

The logo utilizes a color gradient through an electric current to symbolize an energizing spectrum of transition.

The typeface Oval was used in the logotype for its futurity, and kept lowercase for a friendlier feel.

High-Fidelity Prototype

A branded prototype was created that showcases Transmission’s unique onboarding system as well as a glimpse at the aspirational media stream and health resource locator.

Promotional Video

To inform and promote the app, Seattle-based trans activist Henry Doyle was invited to answer questions he receives frequently about his identity. The resulting promotional video is informative, personal, and gives trans teens access to a real life role model.

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