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Art Direction

Branding & Identity




Third Place Books is a collective of bookstores in the Seattle area, with a new store expected within the year. Community-driven with a grassroots approach to bookselling, a fresh rebrand was needed to reflect their current company characteristics: communal, informative, and forward-thinking.


Dyan Doody
Branding, Visual Design, Art Direction

Brand Statement

A relaxed gathering place for reading and discovery.



Capturing the open quality Third Place Books imbues on its customers, their new logo consists of 3 chevrons that evoke structures, open books, and also the airiness of their stores.

With a heritage palette of navy blue and rust paired with a modern turquoise pop, the logo elevates their traditional bookstore feel into the present.

A light and regular weight of the typeface Brandon Grotesque are used for their approachable, modern qualities.

Look & Feel

Sample Collateral

Brand Guidelines

To further define and protect Third Place Book’s new brand, a book of guidelines was created. Proper usage of logo, type, color and personality are all outlined for the client.

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