sight glass


concept device & mobile application


Art Direction

Branding & Identity


User Experience

Visual Design


Sight Glass is an interactive vision board system that allows users to remotely collect, curate, and edit inspiring assets from a mobile application. The assets are then amplified and displayed on a sensitive surface in the user’s home or office.

An elegant, intimate tool, Sight Glass gives users the freedom of personal reflection and manifestation of future goals.


Laura Morgan
Branding, UX, Visual Design, Art Direction

Nelle Clark
Video Production

Sierra Stinson


From the beginning, Sight Glass was concepted around the idea of creating positive personal change through connected devices. Early rounds of whiteboarding and sketching helped hone in on the users who would benefit most from this system, as well as their possible dreams and day to day activities.

User Journey Map

User Testing

After testing with several users in the Sight Glass target demographic, a working prototype was built for the mobile application that collects and curates assets.


  • There must be a clearer labeling system for navigation
  • It should be fast and easy for “power users” to add a large amount of tiles quickly and easily
  • Many users may not want to crop their photos or edit their tiles when they are initially adding them
  • There should be clear feedback when content is added or saved

Look & Feel


Solomon, a geometric sans serif typeface, was tracked out in a thinner weight in all caps to create a clean, modern feeling.

The bounding parallelogram represents the Sight Glass itself, and also the forward momentum achieved by using the product.


At its essence, Sight Glass is a collection and organization system. To add interest, custom icons were created for the different asset groups. These symbols were distilled from research into different regions and culture’s depictions of magic and alchemy.





Sight Glass Device Screens

High-Fidelity Mobile Prototype

Promotional Video

With a new system like Sight Glass, the promotion must be evocative and instructional. Working with videographer Nelle Clark, a story was created for Irene, a budding Illustrator who uses Sight Glass to manifest her dream of having her illustrations published in an arts magazine.

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