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Quiver magazine simultaneously enters and escalates the brand landscape of queer men’s periodicals. Wild and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, Quiver pushes through to a queerer future.

Focusing on men who break or redefine traditional male stereotypes in music, fashion and culture, Quiver delivers a new narrative told through specific design decisions. Using the diverse and contrasting type families Freight and Proxima Nova, as well as a color story of graduated pastels paired with solid tones, the magazine appears both soft to the touch and tough as nails.



Quiver was conceived to exist in the space between queer periodicals like BUTT or Candy and the more commonly circulated magazines like Hello Mr. or OUT. A lifestyle, arts and fashion periodical, Quiver at its core would feel risky, elegant, evocative and smart.

Brand Statement

Queer culture. Curated.


Quiver takes its name from the Jim Carroll quote: “My voice has a quiver/ A quiver is where you keep arrows until you shoot them.”

The logo mark showcases the sharp character form of a blackletter Q, but is softened and eroticized with an organic type treatment on the tail.

Look & Feel

By preparing mood boards of type, color, photography style and brand attributes, Quiver quickly became its own beast. Researching and creating a user profile kept the magazine pertinent to its prospected following.

Promotional Shoot

An homage to the “hanky code” of queer urban areas was concepted and captured in the diverse neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York. A copy of Quiver is rolled up in a man’s back pocket, with the model’s pink shirt in high contrast with the rough, white brick.

A ring flash was used by photographer Noah Fecks to achieve a LaChapelle-style hyper realism.

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