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Enchantments is a responsive web-based literary journal highlighting writers from the Pacific Northwest. Built in WordPress, the site was crafted using advanced custom fields to feel like a print journal, with close attention given to negative space, layout and type choice.

A product-based revenue stream of dry goods manufactured in the PNW was built to keep Enchantments free from advertisements embedded within the literature.

responsive logo

The Enchantments logo borrows styling from the pronunciation of the word itself, and the parsing out of its syllables. This characteristic paired with the logo’s graphite-on-paper color palette gives readers a sense of space and authenticity.

Since viewers use a variety of devices to read online, a responsive logo was created for different media queries.


Wireframes were created for each different page type, keeping in mind the prospective readers need for negative space. A system of curated images would be used to drive the reader down the page at just the right moments in the post, so there would never be an overflow of white space and text.

Sample Essay page

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