Vector Stories/ California Drought Infographic Part 4

Oh howdy!

If you live here in Seattle, you know we’ve been experiencing some unusually beautiful albeit warm weather this Spring. In fact, each year since I moved here from San Francisco, it’s gotten warmer and less rainy, with less snowfall each winter. Great for the docks, a bit scary for the plants, and the possible acres damaged by wildfires that might incur.

Just a reminder that this whole California drought thing might rear its head up north.

This week in Infographic Town, Population: Me, I started to distill my chunks of narrative information into vector stories. I’m currently playing with stroke weight, illustration style, and color palette. Here are some of the pieces I’ve been working on most recently:


Why is California having a drought? Climate change, cyclical dry spells, and large demand.


Where does California get its water? Surface water from rain and melted snowpack, ground water from underneath the earth’s surface, and desalination.


What agricultural products use the most water? Nuts like almonds/ pistachios/ walnuts, forage crops like corn and alfalfa, and the meat industry.

Alrighty, so this week I’ll be finishing up vectors, laying out illustration chunks, and starting to figure out texture and type. 2 more weeks to go! Thanks for following along.