Body Building/ California Drought Infographic Part 3

Oh howdy. Hope you folks had a fantastic weekend. Mine was equal parts work and play, since my partner Noah Fecks was in town from NYC. Luckily, he’s a creative professional as well, so we could work in tandem in my studio, simultaneously watching the film adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. It was a good weekend.

Things are rolling along right on schedule for my 6-week project building an infographic explaining the ongoing California drought. This week I’ve been solidifying an illustration style to carry through the data visualizations to keep them engaging.

At the head of the scrolling infographic is a vintage hotel-style sign welcoming the reader to the “California Drought”, and a tanned bodybuilder (a small nod to the state’s past governator, Arnold, as well as the 1950’s muscle men of Santa Monica) who will be sucking a straw out of a state-shaped glass of water.

Here’s some progress pics:





and some initial color and type experiments in Illustrator:screen_motel

So this will continue through the week, as I illustrate each piece of the infographic. My goal is to have all of the vector pieces finished, so I can group them and think about texturing them in Photoshop.

Have a great week.