Glass Half Empty/ California Drought Infographic Part 1



As you’ve probably read, California is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record this year, with both actual and political temperatures rising. Governor Brown recently issued a mandatory statewide water use reduction in urban and residential areas to deal with the growing emergency.

So, what’s really going on here? Why is California in its fourth year of drought? Has this happened before? Who does this affect? Where will California get its water if the precipitation doesn’t return to the area soon? These are all questions I’m currently researching for a 6-week long project of data visualization.

In the end, not only will I be more informed (I recently talked my friend Shaun Kardinal‘s ear off at a gallery opening about all my new found drought knowledge), but so will you. I want the audience of the work to quickly absorb and understand the information depicted, but also present a narrative of California’s past, present and predicted future experience with drought.

Keep posted as I glean information from respectable sources, group together statistics into visual chunks, and start to design what will hopefully be a worthwhile and useful visual tool.