Texturing and Final Presentation

Oh hi!

This week I pulled my posters into Photoshop and started to add subtle textures and varying kinds of gradients. I wanted the colored elements of the works to pop and sizzle off the page, while keeping the heft of the black elements flat and stationary. I added a subtle brayer texture to the cream background as well, to add a bit of dimension.

Overall, I love the pieces, and think they family well. I did a few prints today to color proof and find just the right sheen of paper to print them on. They absolutely glow on an 80 lb light gloss stock.

So check ’em below out in their finished state, separately and also displayed together.

Thanks for following along through the whole process. I’ll be forwarding the pieces on to Alice Notley’s agent, just so she can check them out.







And all together now!